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Wow! It's been long since I posted something. I am really sorry for that guys, but that's just the way life is.
My life kinda 'really' sucked for a few month and I had no time {and i also didn't feel like posting something.}
But here I am, after the first week of my oh-soo fabulous holidays :)
I changed the layout of my personal journal, for a fresh start, so if youre interested and want to see how it looks, head over there. {unesrin}

This bunch is not really big and nothing special.. but i have some psd's for you!
A few people asked for 'em in my last posts, so here they are; i hope you guys find 'em helpful.


[23] Into The Wild
[09] Gossip Girl
[07] Kristen Stewart {candids}
[07] Robert Pattinson {candids}
[10] John O'Callaghan


[03] Into The Wild

→ supernatural psd.
→ gossip girl psd.


 +1 under the cut.

→ Into The Wild
{kbitch is fierce; like really!}

→ Gossip Girl

→ Kristen Stewart

→ Robert Pattinson

→ John O'Callaghan
{John Ohhh.}

→ Into The Wild

→ PSD's:
{click on the pic to download}

This coloring is really confusing me. I made those icons circa 4 month ago and I really don't know what I did.
If you want to see the post, click here. I used a different coloring almost in every icon {spn related} I made.
So if you are downloading this, be prepared for 3 different groups of coloring. lol whatever, i hope you understand what I mean.

This time I didn't put a password on the psds,
but still don't hesitate on commenting, so i know what you think about 'em; it really makes the whole work whorthwhile :)
and it does not take longer than downloading the file, so..

BTW: feel free to ask for any coloring/texture etc. you want, I'll try to help and share them as soon as possible with you.

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